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trading post

a shop in downtown Hutchinson, KS


a view of downtown Hutchinson, KS

nocte solus

Taylor, TX



morning light

not a ghost, just fading

ghost sign made for a film, Smithville
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looking from a hilltop

i stood on a hill near Wimberley and watched the sun rise. deer were all around me in the morning light, hiding among the cedar trees. they watched me with curiosity until their mama huffed a few times, directing them to crest the hill.

a door

a weathered door at a main street shop, downtown Sulphur


Carousel, a former movie theater in downtown Sulphur

i enjoy exploring old main streets and it’s a treat to find a vintage sign like this one. i figured that the vibrant colors on the sign would look more nostalgic if i used PX70FF film. this film had just been released but the people at the IMPOSSIBLE project are still working on getting the color right. as you can see, this first batch has a muted color palette… and that suited this photo well.